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Dial 7 Eyes Lincoln Town Car Makeover

When Ford Motor Company announced in 2011 that it would discontinue the Lincoln Town Car,  it sparked conversations around the country, especially in the livery and black car service.  Some opinions suggest that the luxury vehicle like its counterparts, the LTD Crown Victoria and the Mercury Grand Marquis  had run its course leaving consumers with few upgrades and the lack of fuel efficiency.  However, for the die-hard fans,  the Lincoln Town Car’s comfort, style and legendary durability, is still seen as a hallmark of American automative, not easily replaced. Major competitors in luxury car brands  include  Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and BMW.

The Town Car nameplate was first introduced in the 1959 Continental Mark IV lineup as a top-of-the-line 4-door sedan, but the roots of the term “town car”  dates back to the classic style limousines which were popular in the 1920s. The Lincoln Town Car most familiar to the public became a stand alone model in the 1981.

“With over 900 cars in our fleet, our Select 7 vehicles,  town cars are still in high demand, ” says Tarek Mallah, general manager at Dial 7 Car Service. “Our customers want the luxury, space, comfort and for some, status which is synonymous with a ride in a Lincoln Town Car.”

An interesting fact: JD Powers and Associates, for the first time since the inception of the Vehicle Dependability Quality study indicated that in 2011 Lincoln led the overall nameplate rankings. Lincoln improved in 2010 by 13 PP100 (stands for: problems per 100 vehicles).  And Lexus followed Lincoln in the nameplate rankings.  JD Powers and Associates is a global marketing information services company operating in key business sectors including market research, forecasting, performance improvement, Web intelligence and customer satisfaction.

Plans are in full swing for the roll out of the livery and limousine variants of the 2013  Ford MKT .  WPP, an exclusive advertising agency for the brand,  is already pushing out its creative for Lincoln brand makeovers with endorser/spokesperson John Slattery of Mad Men.   For a sneak preview of vehicle features and first reviews check out this post from Car and Driver Magazine

The team here at Dial 7  Car & Limousine Service offers our customers the largest and latest fleet of vehicles to choose from. There’s no doubt that we will check out the  MKT model and the rollout of other luxury vehicles.  Bringing our customers the best in safety, comfort and style is our priority.

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