Dial 7 Commercials

Dial 7 Jingle and Commercial Success

In early 2012, we went to our social media networks and other online communities, where we caught the attention of some of our most creative fans and followers and convinced them to enter the Dial 7 Jingle Contest. The response was overwhelming and garnered original video presentations from a talented pool of writers, poets, composers and singers.

When the dust settled, three winners emerged. The first and second place winners won the largest cash prizes, over $5,000. The two winning videos were featured prominently on the Dial 7 You Tube channel and Dial 7 social media networks. And their creators were recruited to film and appear in TV commercials, re shoots of their original videos, produced now by Time Warner Cable.

“Big Daddy” played by Josh Raff, the charming rapping-executive, a character drummed up by first place winners, New York band Pants Velour, catches a ride with the sultry, sexy, female chauffeur and real-life band member Nicole Ledinger. Other band members who helped create the catchy jingle include Jordan Battiste, keyboards and backup vocals and Eli Northrop, rapper. Pants Velour has been busy lately with spotlights on the national stage.

Hot on the keyboards you’ll see second-place winner Brent Morgan, a musician and native of Alabama, who engages us with a smooth, easy, jingle, touting the ‘best ride in town.’ In the original video, Fred, his Golden Labrador Retriever, tips in while he’s recording the video, stares for a moment, doesn’t disturb him and moves on. Brent thought it was a nice touch and so did the folks at Dial 7, who hired Roxy, another Lab, to be on the set in New York where Brent traveled to record the commercial.

You can see the commercials in rotation on the big three networks and select cable stations in the New York metropolitan area.

The company is in production on another commercial featuring a feathered friend. Be on the look out for the spot in early fall.

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