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Best Unique Wedding Venues in NYC


Soon-to-be married couples and their families can often break their heads choosing their perfect wedding location. New York City is open to hundreds of wedding venues, located in hotels, restaurants, parks and theaters.

Check out some of the more unique wedding destinations for your special day in NYC.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Located in Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is known for having over 14,000 species of plants as well as its specialty gardens. It also offers two spaces in the garden that host special events and weddings, The Palm House and The Atrium. Tie the knot among the beautiful garden scenery that will leave you and your guests wowed.

American Museum of Natural History

One of the more extravagant wedding venues in New York, the American Museum of Natural History is maybe the greatest spot to get hitched under a giant blue whale, or surrounded by stuffed wild animals. It definitely makes for some interesting wedding photo opportunities.

Bronx Zoo

Or, you can surround yourself with some live wild animals (that aren’t your second cousins) at the world famous Bronx Zoo. Nothing says photo opp like a gorilla towering over your in-laws.

Housing Works Bookstore

For those interested in a more informal wedding, the Housing Works Bookstore is a beautiful place for bibliophiles to have their ceremony. Plus 100% of proceeds from the wedding go towards benefiting homeless living with HIV/AIDS.

Brooklyn Winery

The gorgeous, fully functional Brooklyn Winery is also used as a wedding venue. The winery boasts a space filled with reclaimed wood and vintage adornments, creating an elaborate, romantic atmosphere.

There are countless other unique wedding venues in NYC such as the New York Public Library, Central Park, various museums and of course, more conventional wedding halls.

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