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Tips on Hosting a Top-Notch Bachelorette Party

Your best friend is getting married, and it’s hard to contain your excitement. With the upcoming nuptials just around the corner, planning a top-notch bachelorette party for the bride-to-be should be a priority.

As a bridesmaid, it’s easy to forget that planning a bachelorette party – especially, a good one – takes some time to plan among the other bridal party duties that are piling up. And it can be hard to know where to start, but don’t fret.

We’ve put together some ideas to ensure you host a night to remember for your BFF.

Use these ideas as a starting off point to start planning a top-notch bachelorette party.

  • Secure Transportation: Whether you’re planning a night on the town or a low key evening with the bride-to-be’s nearest and dearest, thinking about how you will get from Point A to Point B safely is key. With constant cocktails and cheers, it’s important to be responsible and not allow anyone to drink and drive. Reserving a car or limousine service not only ensures that you have a safe ride for the night, but also adds a level of luxury to the party. Dial 7 Car & Limousine is a quality and trusted option for the New York City area.
  • Customize the Party Based on the Bride: Not every bride-to-be is a partier, let alone one that pictures their ideal night out like most bachelorette parties are depicted in the movies. Consult with the bride-to-be to find out what her ideal bachelorette party would be. If she is more of an out and about person, perhaps, going to a nice restaurant and bar hopping after would be your best bet. If partying is not really her style, opt for a spa day culminating with a dinner out and a girl’s night at a hotel.
  • Go Outside Your Comfort Zone: Look for unique shows, classes or other opportunities to dazzle your friend and bride-to-be. New York City offers a large number of possibilities. A dancing class, a Broadway performance, or trapeze classes are all fun options that aren’t necessarily your normal weekend activity. Really, the world is your oyster when you’re in the city. Just be mindful of what the bride would be comfortable with.

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