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Dial 7 Airport Pick-Up Procedures

We know it’s a little hectic to find your transportation provider when you arrive to the airport. Many companies charge an exuberant price for it, others just don’t have a trustworthy process where you can feel safe that you’re going to be picked up promptly. You just arrived to a place filled with multiple types of passengers, many waiting points and changeable regulations, is just normal to feel overwhelmed.
At Dial 7 we’ve developed a new seamless experience when booking a car or limo service from JFK, Newark, LaGuardia, Teterboro, Westchester or MacArthur airports. Our method solves the issue of finding the ride that will take you from the airport to your next destination. Dial 7 is synced with the latest  and daily regulations of each mentioned airport. When you make a reservation with Dial 7, you become our most important goal.
Since we’re implementing new technologies like the Dial 7 App, reservations throughout  the website and have updated our telemarketers computational suites, it has become obvious for us to implement scheduled text messages, emails and the traditional phone call to the process of picking you up.


Dial 7 Airport Procedures Steps:
  1. Book the Ride: There’re multiple ways in which you can book/quote a ride with  Dial 7. When creating your reservation (with any of these options) remember to provide your flight number and airline name, with it we’ll be able to determine your pick up location.
    1. Website:
    2. Download the APP: Android Market  / Apple Market
    3. Phone: 212-777-7777
2. Once you make the reservation you’ll automatically receive an email with all the details and a link that you’ll use after picking up your luggage..


3. Once you’ve arrived to the airport, pick up your luggage at the designated area. You’ll receive a text message asking if you are ready to get picked up.


4. After picking up your luggage, open the email and press the big link at the end that says “I’m Ready” or reply to the previous text message.


5. We’ll send a new text message that will direct you to a curbside meeting point located right outside of your terminal’s baggage claim.


6. Your driver will meet you within minutes.


Feel free to give us a call at any point of the process: 212-777-7777
Luxury Car Clients:
Please note when traveling in a SUV, 13 passenger Van or stretch limousine your driver will meet you inside the terminal’s baggage claim. He will be holding a sign displaying your last name.
Handicapped Passengers LGA Terminal B:
All Green Route shuttle buses that take passengers to the car service pick-up area are ADA accessible. All  bus drivers are trained to position the bus and deploy the ramp safely and/or operate the kneeling feature. There is priority seating for customers with disabilities on all of the buses
Stop the hassle and get Dial 7 today!

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