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Must-Haves For Your Wedding Limo

Wedding Limo Tips

There’s plenty of planning that goes into making a wedding successfull. Many brides and grooms rent a limousine in order to get around in style, but also because it’s a practical form of transportation for that special day.

A limo can safely take you and your bridal party around the city, making sure you’re both safe and on time.

Plus, a limo provides you with the opportunity to bring all of your wedding necessities along with you.

For the Ceremony:

Make sure there are plenty of water bottles in the limo, especially if it’s a summer wedding. Everyone should stay hydrated in order to get through the day. It’s easy in a wedding gown, a bridesmaid dress or a tuxedo to feel the heat of the day. Water will keep everyone calm, cool, and collected.

You should also have tissues in the limo, for obvious reasons! As you get closer to the ceremony, you’re going to need them. Emotions run high all day, and you can never be over prepared when it comes to tissues. Consider having some antacid medicine in the limo as well, for when nerves get the best of you.


For the Reception:

When you’re heading to the reception, you’ll need plenty of champagne and other beverages to start the reception off right. You should also have a great playlist to kick the night off. It’s time to celebrate, and the limo is where the party starts.

Consider having a few mess-free refreshments for your wedding party to get the reception started. Snacks that won’t wipe off on dresses are ideal such as pretzels, crackers, veggies, or so forth.

Women should also bring any toiletries or makeup, products that they might want to touch up with. Have extra hair ties and bobby pins on hand as well, for any loose hairs that might need to be secured before the big entrance.

For the Hotel:

Consider having extra water for the end of the night, when you’ll certainly be exhausted and dehydrated. Maybe consider having some Advil on hand as well if you’re sore from all that dancing.

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