5 Carry On Luggage Options For The Summer!

Is that time of the year where flying around the country or to the Caribbean becomes a major goal! This season is ideal for a perfect day in Puerto Rico or a great afternoon with friends at San Francisco. Nevertheless, with planes, trains, and automobiles sometimes seeming to conspire against you, is important to have a clever carry on luggage that doesn’t hold you back.

We invite you to keep it simple, elegant and practical with this luggage options. This five carry on luggage’s simply strive in design or in important characteristics (GPS, phone battery chargers, etc) to make your travel easy and secure.

411olqhdc7l1. Black Edition Smart Carry-On:  This smart carry on from BlueSmart is simply amazing. If we thought that the last optimization for a carry on luggage where the wheels, then here we have another great one: GPS. Yes the bag comes with a GPS tracker, digital scale, remote lock (that you can control from the app) and  battery charger that can charge your phone up to 6 times. Awesome!


1004784592.  Trade 20- Inc Wheeled Carry On: Tough, travel-ready construction defines this sleek rolling suitcase. Made from a durable poly carbonate shell with full-rotation wheels and a telescoping handle, this carry-on compatible style comes stocked with mesh organizer pockets and straps to secure your neatly folded belongings.





3.  TYLT nergi Backpack – With Built-in Battery: With a removable 10,400mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to 4 full smartphone charges or 1 full tablet charge, the Energi Backpack is the perfect modern backpack for your needs. With over 1,450 cubic inches of internal space and 13 total pockets, you will never run out of room for your belongings. Also, it’s designed to stand up when put on the ground and is built with the finest materials available. For the true traveler there is a trolley pocket hidden in the backpack panel, a headphone carrying compartment on the backpack strap and a full length zipper pocket right on the front of the bag for airline tickets and passports.





away-stacking-800x5654. The Carry On –  It comes with two compartments, one designed for clothes, the other for shoes, toiletries, and other hard objects. Outside: an impenetrable shell that bends under pressure, never breaks. The Carry-On’s built-in battery can charge any USB device so you’ll always be able to check your maps, email, or Slack. A nylon laundry bag separates clean clothes from dirty—even wet bathing suits are fair game. Buckle down the compression pad to clear up free space. When it’s all over, Away bags nest neatly inside each other, ready to be tucked away for next time (and save closet space in the meantime).


G-RO Carry On Luggage Back View

5.  G-RO: It comes with a portable charging stations with 2 USB ports and a exterior work pocket for a 15″ laptop. With this revolutionary suitcase, the wheel has been reinvented—literally. Because of their larger diameter, the G-RO’s axel-less wheels support the load closer to its center of gravity, so the bag balances better and feels significantly lighter when you pull it. The all-terrain wheels allow it to move easily over snow, sand, cobblestone and street curbs. The wheels are also on the outside, creating a larger packing space. Made of super-strong aerospace and firearm-grade polymers, the wheels strengthen the walls of the bag.




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