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Become a Dial 7 Event Partner!

Dial 7 Car and Limousine Service is starting a new era in NYC!

Every day, Dial 7 accommodates thousands of clients, from leisure travelers to corporate executives, with prompt and efficient service to multiple airports, as well as many other destinations in NYC.

Currently, Dial 7 is looking to expand its offer by providing information to our international and local clients, about different events and activities across NYC. We are looking to create significant promotional exchanges that would benefit us all.

Dial 7 can:

  1. Send email to our growing list of 600k contacts  (Solo email or a banner added to our monthly/weekly email)
  2. Share your events in our social networks
  3. Write/Share an article for our blog (
  4. Provide discounts to people visiting your venue
  5. Add your event on our calendar
  6. Add your logo to our partners area in blog
  7. Other creative ways of promotion

In exchange: (These are only examples. Please feel free to provide your own set of exchanges,)

  1. Positioning Dial 7’s logo in all printed and digital promotion of the venue/event
  2. Adding promotional banner on newsletter.
  3. Sending a newsletter exclusively of our services
  4. Posting messages throughout multiple social networks
For more immediate details, download our Partner Kit with information about our audience and multiple social networks.

A collaboration with Dial 7 can bring multiple perks and opportunities for your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to be a part of this joint venture.  We invite you to visit our website or download our app to learn more about our company.

Get  in touch:
Click the link below to download the kit and fill the information. We’ll be in touch with you shortly 
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