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Why Our Call Center Will Never Die?

Remember that thing called Internet? Remember when blogs, social networks and online magazines where rising in popularity? Remember when people used to say that physical newspapers and magazines were going to disappear? Actually, some of them did. Back in time there was the thought that all printed material was going to be erased from the face of the earth. Many magazines and newspapers made important changes in order to be at the height of the new times. A more technological reader was rising and was urgently screaming for an update.

The same thing happened with taxi companies. The incursion of multiple riding apps reshaped the landscape with new laws and regulations. They also changed the process in how clients do reservations and pay for a taxi ride. There’re taxi services that still hope that all this is just a mere dream, wishing that  everything would go back to “normal”. But the change is imminent and our client has been already updated.

But  time always put things in real perspective. No matter the increment of new technologies our call center still here, right in front of my cubicle…like that newspaper. A change here and there but always necessary. Why? Well, not all people have the ability to maneuver an app or have access to a credit/debit card. Many people feel more secure when they do their airport pick-ups and  reservations, that have with multiple details, by phone. Also, having the app and the call center has gave us the ability to solve situations immediately. Many old folks see the internet as pure “witchcraft”. For many people is easier to just pick-up the phone and talk to someone, than trying to understand a app. Even more when our phone is so easy to remember: 212-777-7777.


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Nevertheless, Dial 7 has not fall behind. We have our own cute app (downloadable from the Apple and Android Market), you can also make a reservation using our website www.dial7.com  and if you have any problem during the process, just give us a call to 212- 777-7777, 24/7. See?

All this new wave of change has made us incorporate better informational technologies. This has brought improvement to all parts of Dial 7, specifically to our inbound calling agents. The new challenge in this “new world” is not be confined in neglecting our core competences; Is about reshaping, re-cleaning, re-showing and recycling those capabilities that we thought didn’t worked anymore.

How many old things are always coming back with a new name or style? Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.

Enjoy the ride!

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