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The Transportation App That Every Tourist & New Yorker Should Have!

If you’re traveling or living in New York State, you need a riding app that you can trust. We know you have multiple riding apps on your phone. Depending on the ride, you decide which one fits your necessity. No matter what you choose, you decide on it because it gives you a fare price, a nice car or you just love that chatty or silent driver. But we invite you to have one important thing in mind: those other riding apps don’t understand the possible difficulties that your pocket might suffer!

None of those other riding apps would let you book a car in the app and pay with cash

We understand that cash is not always the preferred way to go and more with many financial institutions providing points and perks per transaction. But imagine this scenario: Your cards are not working (damaged, decline, robbed), wallet lost, want to send a ride to someone and you want that person to pay for it. Your’re a tourist and your cards and apps are not syncing properly, you’re stranded in one street with no taxi service available or you simply don’t have a debit/credit card.

Think of us as that friend that no matter what happens is going to be right there for you! 😉

This capability also extends to reservations made by calling one of our agents, at 212-777-7777, and the ones made on our website. See, we have your back!

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