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Thanksgiving is the Busiest Travel Day of the Year. Save on your Ride with Dial 7

Thanksgiving in NYC and around the country has statistically been the busiest travel day of the year. This year, over 31 million passengers are expected to head to the airports, a nearly 4% increase from last year.

Thankfully, Dial 7 has been specializing in airport transportation in NYC for over 42 years! Whether you’re heading out of town or need a pickup from JFK, Newark, or LaGuardia Airport, Dial 7 has long been considered “The Best Ride in Town.”

The holiday season is always one of the busiest times of the year, so make sure to book your ride early, and give yourself extra time for the ride, as there will be heavy traffic in NYC around the holidays.

To help ease some of that holiday traveling stress, enjoy $5 off your next ride with Dial 7!
Coupon Code: THANKS19 (minimum fare $34)

Coupon may be redeemed online, by phone, or on the Dial 7 app.

While we can’t do much about the stress of flying or visiting certain family members, Dial 7 can ensure a safe, comfortable ride anywhere you need to go.

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